Heat from the earth, water and air. Efficiently, comfortably while reducing your carbon footprint.

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Up to 75% lower energy bills

Energy for your building: from the ground, water or air around you.

Over 70% of heat generated by a heat pump is extracted from either the air, ground or water.

The running cost of conventional heating systems depends on the amount of heat required by the building to keep it at a comfortable level.

It costs approximately 60 – 75% less to heat your building with MasterTherm heat pumps than it would with a traditional LPG or oil boilers and about 40 – 50% less than with a natural gas boiler.

Comfortable Living with Online Control

Heating or cooling at the touch of a button

All MAsterTherm heat pumps are fully automated

All MasterTherm heat pumps are supplied with the capability to connect to the internet.

When connected, our clients can enjoy the added benefit of a 7-year warranty, together with full control of the appliance through their iOS, Android or Web service.

This ensures maximum comfort in your building at all times.

When connected to the internet your heat pump system can be monitored and optimised by manufacturer, distributor and installer.

Environmentally friendly

Clean, Green, Economical and Sustainable Heating 

Comparison of efficiencies between different heat sources

 Wood fired boiler 0,75
Electric heater 0,98
Condensing boiler (gas) 1,02
Ground water heat pump 4,7

Heat pumps are one of the most efficient forms of heating for buildings of all types and sizes.

For every kWh, approximately 20-30% is from a non-renewable source. The remaining 70-80% is harnessed from our natural surroundings.

Because heat pumps extract heat directly from our environment they therefore use very little non-renewable energy in the process.
As a result heat pumps greatly reduce our carbon footprint.

Heat Pump Technology Pioneers

Ultra quiet operation

New DC fan ensures minimal
noise levels

7 year warranty

The robust and reliable design allows for an industry leading 7 year warranty.

Maximum comfort levels

Internet connectivity allows for control of all units from your smart device, 24 hours per day

100% European

Product innovation, R&D and manufacturing

Inverter technology

The inverter drive allows the heat pump to perfectly match heat demand with the amount of heat produced thereby increaseing efficiency and the lifespan of the system

Lower Heating Bills

MasterTherm allows building owners to reduce their heating bills significantly over the long term.

Control your heat pump system online

All heat pumps can be connected to the Internet. Users have the ability to control and monitor units from their smart device.

Control Unit