Why Master Therm?

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Designed and manufactured in Europe


MasterTherm is the largest Czech manufacturer of heat pump systems, with a wide variety of units available from Ground Source to Indoor Air Source units. We are proud of the excellence achieved by our research, development and production teams working together to produce 1000’s of units each year.


The quality and long life-span of all systems we produce is at the heart of our business. For this reason we only use components of the highest quality thereby guaranteeing that each unit is assembled under strict supervision insuring optimal performance and longevity.
Our designs also allowing full serviceability of each component thereby exceeding the system’s usual life expectancy.
Each of our installed units is closely monitored via internet allowing our engineers to continuously optimise system performance and identify potential issues at the earliest possible stage.


Progressive technology, innovative methods and decades of development and research – These are the cornerstones of our operation and allow us to deliver the highest level of quality and efficiency possible. Whether it’s electronic refrigerant injection (EEV), Desuperheaters, internet-enabled technology, self-diagnostics or tailored heat recovery industrial applications, MasterTherm leads the way in achieving  the highest level of efficiencies and fastest payback on heat pump system investments.

Award-winning technology

Awards and certifications

2006 – 2017: 15 major prizes at international exhibitions. MCS Certification, EHPA (European Heat Pump Association) A++ ERP, Energy and Environment Awards Winner 2014

Resistance structure

High reliability and long service life due to robust construction. Components from reputable suppliers: Copeland, LG, Sanyo, SWEP, Ziehl-Abegg. Reduced operational stress: oversized heat exchangers, quality control and protection system.

System solutions

Products are designed and equipped with a heating system, not just a source of heat. Everything needed is included in the device, the functional unit: simple and reliable installation. Smart design: easy serviceability and convenient access.

Long-term customer care


Accurate and complete information coupled with a responsive approach to our clients all centered around customer service.


Own network of professionally trained technicians with full service capability throughout Ireland. In-house manufacturing ensures the guaranteed availability of spare parts.

Upgraded warranty

Our basic warranty period is a minimum of 3 years.  Our extended full warranty of 7 years applies to heat pumps with full preventative maintenance systems, connectivity and inspections.

Control your heat pump online

All heat pumps can be connected to the Internet. Users have the ability to control and monitor units from the Web, iPad or mobile phone (android and iOS).

Control Unit