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Leaders in heat pump technology

Comfort at your fingertips

All MasterTherm heat pumps may be connected to the internet, allowing users to set temperature levels and monitor their system, from anywhere, at any time.

Why not download our demo version and try it for yourself? 


Heat pump control online

Advances in technology allow full monitoring of heat pumps online. Through a remote connection, room temperatures, water temperatures and operating parameters can be monitored and altered remotely.

Data from each heat pump is collected by the MasterTherm server and stored. This allows our engineers to continuously optimise each system thereby continually improving the efficiency of your heat pump system.

In adidtion, this continuous monitoring allows us to provide a 7-year warranty to our clients. 

New design fans guarantee quiet system operation

  • Advanced low-speed fans with a very low sound level.
  • Quiet double scroll or rotary compressors, located in the indoor unit on a special antivibration frame.
  • Electronically controlled expansion valve, substantially reducing noisy “shock” when defrosting the outdoor unit.
  • Apecial soundproof cabinets.

Find out more about the low noise output of MasterTherm heat pumps.

Your choice of colour

MasterTherm units come in all shapes, sizes, and colours!

You can choose one of our four standard colours for free or from an extensive range of colours to suit your building and it’s exterior aesthetic. 

Desuperheater: high temperature DHW

An optional desuperheater device can be fitted to the heat pump to provide efficient high temperature domestic hot water (up to 80 Degrees Celsius). 

This high temperature comes from the energy collected at the outlet of hot vapour from the compressor.
This energy is transferred into a separate hot water circuit. High temperature hot water is generated when the compressor is running as a “byproduct” to heat domestic hot water.

Inverter technology

Alternating the frequency of an inverter heat pump allows continuous regulation of the heating / cooling capacity between 30-100%. It has a number of other advantages including:

  • Larger energy savings.
  • Increasing the overall COP.
  • Reducing the number of starts, thereby increasing life-span.
  • Zero amp starting current eliminating upgrades required to connect to electricity network.
  • No requirement for buffer tank – saving cost and plant room space.

Intelligent control of heating circuits

MasterTherm heat pumps are self-controlling which provides the end user with maximum comfort and lower energy bills. One single controller has the capability to control up to 6 heating circuits including, a swimming pool, a solar thermal system and domestic hot water, as examples.

The heat pump receives requests for heating water temperature from individual heating circuits. It then revises its desired internal room temperature in individual heating zones. The heat pump provides the required temperature corresponding to the maximum desired value.

Our heat pumps never work with a higher flow temperature than is absolutely necessary. Similarly, when cooling. This ensures both maximum COP and comfort for the end user.

Electronic expansion valve

Electronically controlled expansion valves (EEV) place our heat pump systems in the highest class. EEV’s increases the heat pump efficiency (COP), operational reliability and life-span. Pioneering the use of electronic refrigerant injection, we are among the leaders in this

EEV allows us to accurately control the temperature of the refrigerant on the evaporator. With EEV, we can provide additional heating capacity and increase the coefficient of performance (COP) of each heat pump.

EEV protects the compressor at high load levels and is controlled by spraying liquid intermittently. Conversely, under a low load (e.g at water temperature’s of 30 Degrees Celsius) the electronic valve can be fully open achieving a higher COP. This is not possible with traditional thermostatic valves (TEV).