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Lower your bills by up to 75%


Using energy from the ground, the air and water to heat your home from the ground, water or air

Heat pumps extract the majority of the heat required from natural sources such as the ground, the air and water around us. This “free” energy is than moved with help of an electrically driven compressor to your home.

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Cooling mode

New (Part L) building standards making sure that our homes are extremely well insulated. This brings another challenge that most Irish homes did not have to face in the past. Solar gain and higher outdoor temperatures causing uncomfortable overheating of buildings.

MasterTherm Heat Pumps can also cool your home during the summer months via underfloor heating or water based fan coils. Our ground source range is also capable of “passive cooling”, using the cool ground to keep your home at comfortable levels. Even when your Heat Pump is operating in cooling mode, it will still create hot water for your home.

Financial Support

Grant payments available through the SEAI Heat Pumps Grant Incentive (terms and conditions apply, see

We can also arrange finance and spread the capital cost. Your energy savings can than simply pay for your loan and the system can pay for itself.

Control your heat pump online

All heat pumps can be connected to the Internet. Users have the ability to control and monitor units from the Web, iPad or mobile phone (android and iOS). Clients of connected heat pumps can also enjoy the peace of mind of our extended seven-year warranty.

Internet-connected heat pumps are continually monitored by the manufacturer, the distributor, and the installer, around the clock. 

Environmentally Friendly & Sustainable

Heat pumps: Clean, Green and Economical

Heat pumps are one of the most efficient & economical forms of heating available today. For every kWh, 20-30% approx is from a non-renewable source such as electricity. The remaining 70-80% is directly harnessed from your surroundings.

Efficiency of heating sources comparison:
(cost of one kWh of heat)

Traditional stove € 0.13
Electrical heater € 0.14
Gas condensing boiler € 0.06
Oil condensing boiler € 0.09
LPG condensing boiler € 0.10
Groundwater heat pump € 0.02
Air Water heat pump € 0.03

Heat pumps harness the majority of the energy needed for heating, cooling and hot water directly from our natural surroundings…..
As heat pumps do not emit CO2 they will significantly reduce the carbon footprint of your home and offer a cleaner, greener home heating solution.

MasterTherm are Pioneers in Heat Pump Technology

Exceptionally Quiet

Our new DC fan means low noise generation

Extended 7 Year Warranty

We offer a long warranty as we stand behind our connected heat pumps

Maximum Control

Our connected heat pumps offer our clients full online control of their system via the MasterTherm app

100% European

All heat pumps are designed and manufactured here in Europe

Inverter Technology

Our inverter with electronic expansion valve increases the lifespan of our heat pumps

Reduction in Fuel Bills

The technology used in MasterTherm’s range of heat pumps offer additional savings compared to our competitors in the Irish market.