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Passive cooling:

The AquaMaster range of heat pumps may be factory-fitted with a clever passive cooling module that allows cooling of the system water in the building by circulating the cool water from the ground, directly back into the property. It only energy cost involved is the energy needed to circulate the pumps in the system. An additional benefit of this system is that when the warm energy is moved from the building to the ground it ‘charges’ the ground with energy throughout the summer ready to be extracted again during the winter months. Taking renewable energy to a new level!

Full cooling systems

MasterTherm systems can reverse their functionality and provide full cooling of buildings in warmer months. The system operates with a low temperature cooling water, in combination with wall or fan coil convector heaters. These provide responsive cooling by way of a cold air stream similar to traditional air conditioning.

A passive cooling system with higher cooling water temperature is the most energy efficient option as it does not waste energy on moisture condensation. It is limited however in terms of its capacity levels. Cooling water is fed through the floor or wall heating system and gradually cooled. When this option is selected or specified, we recommend a room unit with dew-point measurement as this which will reduce the temperature of the cooling water to prevent condensation of atmospheric moisture.