Heat Pumps for large commercial buildings

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The possibilities are endless

  • Heat pumps have the capability of providing heat for a wide range of applications.
  • Through years of experience we have found and completed many successful applications in hospitality, leisure, medical care and many other commercial sectors.
  • MasterTherm systems are design and tailored to each large application, always matching the heat requirements with the optimum heat pumps system.
  • If required, systems can produce several thousand kW of heat per hour.
  • Modular solutions to match heat requirements provide great versatility and reliability for many applications.
  • Leisure centres, hotels and nursing homes achieve a fast payback on capital investment, sometimes as short as 2 years without any grant support.

How does the process of implementation work ?

  • Whether it comes to projects on new or existing buildings, we always ensure that we will meet all our customers’ requirements, while maximising performance and efficiency.
  • Quality of installations and years of reliability is our key focus.
  • For this reason we always followed a process that guarantees successful installations and running cost savings.


The usual steps are as follows:

  • A feasibility study is carried out for your application (assessment of your building, existing heating plant, heating distribution system etc.)
  • Calculations of heat demands based on heat requirements on which we base required heating /cooling output of the heat pump system, by qualified and experienced engineers
  • Selection of the optimum MasterTherm technology for the application.
  • Assessments of the heating distribution system requirements.
  • We compare the project cost to calculated savings and advise the customer if the project is feasible and makes financial sense.
  • Presentation of proposal to customer showing each component of the proposed equipment and required installation works.
  • Organising capital free solutions (if required), organising grant supports if possible / feasible.
  • Ordering all required equipment
  • Engaging our trusted subcontractors to complete mechanical and electrical works.
  • Supervising throughout the project progress to ensure works are completed correctly.
  • Optimisation of performance of all newly installed equipment.
  • Commissioning and staff training.
  • Annual maintenance and monitoring.
  • Measurement and verification reports (usually done after 12 months of running, confirming savings achieved by the project)

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