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MasterTherm – 25 years of excellence in Heat Pumps


MasterTherm has a history of over twenty-five years in the design and manufacture of heat pumps and we have established a reputation as leaders in residential, commercial and industrial Heat Pump technology. Our attention to detail in all aspects of a project from design, through to determining the suitability of solution, utilising waste heat, installation and commissioning of a project, allow us to stand over our installations and maintain a long-lasting relationship with our clients and partners.

MasterTherm Ireland

MasterTherm Ireland includes a team of experienced engineers and designers with many years of management experience in residential, commercial and industrial Heat Pump solutions. We have designed and installed solutions across different market sectors and client requirements and our goal is to ensure we retain our reputation as number one in sales support and design for the Irish market. All designs are overseen by our specialist engineers ensuring that our clients enjoy maximum efficiency and value engineering for all project types.

Partner Programme


MasterTherm Ireland runs a committed Partner Programme ensuring the design, installation and customer aftercare meets the highest standard. Our partners include consultants for independent design and verification and mechanical and electrical contractors delivering quality installations and post-project management. We are continually building our partner network providing on-site training at our global headquarters in the Czech Republic as well as regional training on specific design aspects, across Ireland.
To learn more or participate in our Partner Programme please contact us at the following e-mail address info@mastertherm.ie, and we will arrange a meeting with our technical team to discuss the opportunity of becoming a MasterTherm Partner.


MasterTherm enjoy the benefit of meeting all relevant European and Irish standards across the range and we continue to innovate whilst maintaining the highest standards.

The methodology for the qualitative evaluation of heat pumps “Q-Label” standard was developed by the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA). The “Q-Label” standard represents the most thorough and comprehensive system of measurement and certification of heat pumps in the European market. Achieving the label Q-Label standard guarantees the following:

  • The heat pump has undergone rigorous testing in one of the approximately 10 European laboratories accredited according to the methodology for measuring EHPA
  • Meet the minimum prescribed COP = min. 3.1 (A2W35) air-water COP = min. 4.3 (B0W35) ground-water
  • The heat pump was measured as well as other operating parameters incl. boundary point temperature range of use
  • Measurements were made on the standard product settings
  • Measurement is done according to applicable standards EN 14511 and EN 14825 and KEYMARK for heat pumps
  • Measured values and the values declared do not differ by more than 5%
  • Sound power measurements included
  • All the components and heat pump meet compliance with European legislation